Enjoy Good Health with 
Bona Sante Massage 

Like many people today, you may work hard at staying healthy and maintaining good fitness. Now you can relax into good health as well. Give yourself the timeless gift of massage to relieve tension, renew strength, and restore your body's natural perfection.

 Closed for now, but
we're getting closer!
In compliance to the spread of COVID-19, 
Bona Sante Massage is closed until further notice.  

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Little by little, Sonoma County is beginning to allow certain businesses to reopen.  While I remain committed to your safety and health, as well as my own, Bona Sante Massage is closed for now. I look forward to opening my doors as soon as possible. 
See you soon!
Take care, be smart, and stay healthy. 

         7 Fourth Street, Suite 48, 
     Petaluma CA, 94952